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We are currently developing our new website.  Check real soon for exciting developments and new products.  Click the link below if you need to contact us.

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Our First New Development

September 12th 

Now you will be able to listen to all of your favorite Frick and Frack Musicals both for your enjoyment or to help you decide which production you want to bring to your children's choir and production ministry.  We also are in the process of developing the Rehearsal Sidekick, the ultimate rehearsal resource, for every one of our Christmas and Non- Seasonal Musicals.  For more information on the Rehearsal Sidekick click the Rehearsal Sidekick link or to hear our latest musical click the Don't Stop Believing link.

September 15th

We have finished the jukeboxes so now you can listen to your favorite Frick and Frack song or musical.  If you are interested in buying a musical for you church, school or organization click on the contact button below.  We also sell individual songs and scores too.

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