We never stop believing in the potential of what children can do.  Let us help you serve the boys and girls in your city or town with quality musical products that help them live out their dreams and at the same time teach them solid Biblical lessons and values.

Whether it's a Broadway Style Evangelical musical, A Customized Rehearsal Tool,  or bringing the magic of our creative team to your city or town, we are here to help.

Who We Are

Neesa Hart and Phillip Lanier have over 50 years of experience in children's music education and theater combined.  They started Frick and Frack Music 15 years ago to address their growing concern over the lack of modern and relevant materials for their own children's choir programs.  Together they stretch the boundaries of what people think is possible for children to accomplish.

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Phillip Lanier
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Neesa Hart

What We Do

We create musicals and rehearsal products that enable you to give your children's choir or theater program a contemporary and relevant broadway style experience.  Our shows are fresh, fun and give kids an opportunity to explore and build their God given gifts and talents.  At Frick and Frack music kids are always the stars and get to play exciting roles and not just be an afterthought.  Let's face it, if you had a choice between being a Pirate or a Time Traveling Wise Man from the future versus playing the part of a kid in some adult centered lead actor's class, what would you want to be?  

You say you want to give your kids a new and exciting program that they will want to come back to week after week but don't have the musical skills to pull it off.  Check out our Rehearsal Sidekick!  It's a complete rehearsal solution making you the hero, while giving you the accompanist and vocal skills you need to have an amazing and successful production.

Looking for an amazaing week of concentrated musical theater training and fun for your group?  Then take a look at Art-Is-In.  A week long day camp experience just for you and your kids. 

Our Musicals

All of our musicals are Broadway style shows that feature your kids as the stars.  Our songs have suggested solo sections but you can customize them if you prefer to have full choir singing.  Our scripts have a variety of roles in various sizes so that all your kids can be involved.  Most importantly all of our shows have a strong Biblically based story line that teach your kids lessons that will help them in their daily lives and give them an opportunity to share the gospel through this most unique medium.  

We have seasonal as well as non-seasonal shows to meet your needs.  All of our show materials are provided for you in a print on demand format with digital music files so there is no need to take up precious library space.  If you want, we can provide you with hard bound copies of books and performance CD's if you prefer.

Click on any of the links below to see a synopsis of our musicals and hear samples from the songs. We're always willing to help out. Contact us if you have any questions

Non-Seasonal Productions

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Seasonal Productions

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What our clients and their kids are saying

"I only want to be in a show if its a Frick and Frack show"

— 3rd grader, Lydia's Christian School

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Art-Is-In is our week long day camp program that we bring to you in the summer months or during holiday breaks.  Our exprerienced team comes and works with your children in helping them produce one of our original Broadway style musicals that they are the stars of at the end of the week.  It's a total turn key operation.  All you do is provide rehearsal and performance space, 2 snacks a day, and add kids and your facility becomes a broadway theater full of fun and excitement.  

For booking information and more about how to bring Art-Is-In to your church, school or facility click on the link below.  Remeber when school is out Art-Is-In.

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For more information on Art-Is-In and how to bring it to your church, school or organization click the link below.

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