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The Rehearsal Sidekick is a complete musical rehearsal solution. Allowing people who want to give their children's choirs the ability to rehearse and perform original Broadway Style musicals, but they don't have the resources or musical ability to carry off those rehearsals on their own. This gives people with a vision the tools to make it happen. Included with each Rehearsal Sidekick is reproducible musical scores and scripts, performance CD's or .mp3 files, performance and video licenses, every song in the musical in a broken down set of segments that allow the instructor to teach each song in small digestible bites. Each segment has a children's demo, instructor assisted (piano and a professional singer), and a performance track with piano recording, all of which are available at the touch of a button on the included touch screen tablet computer that they get use of for the run of their production.

For more information on getting The Rehearsal Sidekick for use at your church, school or theater group click the link below.

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